Seasonal Water Resources Technician

Closing Date 6/12/19, 12:00 AM
  • Shall complete relevant training for this position as directed, and when available, that may include: GPS use, GIS mapping, data analysis software, storm water discharge, canoe safety, boater safety, wild rice survey techniques, measurement of stream discharge, and field water quality methods.
  • Assist Water Resources Specialist in collecting surface water and groundwater data, coordinating community events, outreach and education, macro-invertebrate collection, procurement of water sampling supplies and equipment.
  • Take detailed field notes with accurate GPS documentation for the identification of surface water sampling sites with photographic documentation.
  • Collect various field samples.
  • Record and transcribe water quality and biological assessment data and enter this data into the system of record.
  • Assist with collection of field measurements, such as stream flow and secchi depths.
  • Accurately complete field datasheets.
  • Assist with biological and physical stream surveys
  • Assist with daily collection and entry of assessment and survey data under supervision of Water Resources Specialist using various software programs such as Microsoft Office Excel and/or Word.
  • Scan and file relevant water resources program information.
  • Assists the Water Resources Specialist with the maintenance of water resources survey equipment (GPS data logger, Ott sampler, YSI sonde, turbid meter, colorimeter, water sampler and etc.) and routine restocking of supplies.
  • Clean and maintain all equipment as it is utilized such as trucks, four-wheelers, snowmobiles, boats, and canoes.
  • Receive work instructions from Water Resources Specialist.
  • Responsible for maintaining a daily work log, mileage logs, completing timesheets, writing monthly reports, assist with designing and presenting public education materials, assisting with website updates, assisting with outreach and education events, and other regular routine departmental administrative tasks.
  • Must be able to travel and stay out of town or out of the area for work-related duties or trainings.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.