TERO Ordinance

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Why was the TERO Ordinance enacted?

To address the deplorable rate of poverty, unemployment, and underemployment that exists among native people living on reservations. To eliminate discriminatory and other historical barriers tribal members face while seeking employment and business opportunities on or near reservations.
To ensure that tribal members receive their rightful entitlements as intended and required under the Tribal and Federal Indian preference employment law.

What does the TERO Ordinance do?

Sets Conditions: Mandates the tribal requirements for Indian preference that all covered employers must comply with in order to be eligible to perform work on reservations. Establishes Authority: Empowers the TERO Commission and staff with sufficient authority to fully enforce all provisions of TERO ordinance. Assigns Responsibility: Defines and describes the duties and responsibilities of TERO staff and commission. Delineates Penalties for Violations: Clearly spells out penalties employers may face for violations of tribal law. Provides Due Process: It provides principles of legal fairness to all parties involved in compliance or violation dispute issues.