If circumstances have changed that you believe could affect your child support order, you can contact the OCSS and request a review of your case for a possible modification.

You will be given a form and instructed to complete it and return it along with current financial documents or other documents that would support your claim.

Your case worker will conduct a review to determine if the change is substantial enough to warrant a modification.

A substantial change means a change in your circumstances that would affect your child support order by 10%, higher or lower.


Modifications allow orders to stay up-to-date with changes in circumstances by:

  • Increasing or decreasing the amount of child support being paid based on changes in either parents' income;
  • Preventing high arrears from accruing in situations where the original order is based on out-dated financial information;
  • Re-directing child support payments when the custody of a child changes.


If you want your order reviewed, you must submit a Request for Review in writing to the OCSS. Please be aware that if a modification of your order is required, it might increase or decrease the amount of support you receive or pay.