Court Fee Schedule

Keweenaw Bay Tribal Court Fee Schedule
Effective 10/13/2008


Civil Complaint


Amended Complaint


General Civil Motions Filing Fee


Requests to reschedule a hearing after notices have been served


General Civil Petition Filing Fee


Custody/Support/Parenting Time Motions Filing Fee


Custody/Support/Parenting Time Petition Filing Fee


Writ Filing Fee


Appeals Filing Fee


Execution of Foreign Court Order


Probate Filing Fee




Marriage License


Divorce Complaint




Peace Bond


Restraining Order within Divorce




True Copy


Certified Copy (signed by Judge & Clerk)


Research & Retrieval Fee

$25.00/hr + $1.00/page

Tribal Code


Tribal Court Advocacy


Annual Advocacy fee


Civil witness requests (each one)

$12.50 per half-day
+ mileage both ways

$25.00 per full-day
+ mileage both ways

Checks are to be made out to the witness from the requester's own checking
account at time of subpoena request.


Other noted charges:
Transcripts....$3.50 per page for original, .50 cents/page for all original copies thereafter.



Jury Pool payments


$15.00 for half-day + mileage both ways
$30.00 for full day + mileage both ways