Child Support Enforcement


One important function of the OCSS is enforcing child support orders.
Child support orders can be enforced in many ways. The easiest and most efficient method of collecting child support is through Income Withholding.


What is Income Withholding?
The Court orders income withholding when a child support order is established. The OCSS then sends a notice to the non-custodial party's employer. The notice contains information telling the employer how much money to withhold from the non-custodial party's pay and how often to withhold it. The employer sends the money directly to the OCSS. The OCSS credits the non-custodial party's account and issues a check to the custodial party.


Benefits of income withholding are:

  • Families receive their child support payments regularly;
  • Regular payments prevent arrears from accruing;
  • Convenience for the non-custodial party as they no longer have to send in a money order or go to the child support office to make a payment.


Where can payments be made if Income Withholding is not being done?

Some non-custodial parties choose to make child support payments themselves. Payments can be made in person at the Office of Child Support Services located at 427 N. Superior Avenue, Baraga, MI.
If you are mailing a payment, please send a money order or cashiers check to:


Office of Child Support Services
P.O. Box 490
Baraga, MI 49908-9210

Please do not send cash in the mail!
No personal checks please.


What happens when the non-custodial party fails to make a child support payment?
When a non-custodial party fails to meet his or her obligations as ordered by the court, other enforcement measures are taken. Enforcement may include:

  • Interception of state and/or federal tax refunds;
  • Suspension of driver's licenses, professional licenses, and/or state hunting and fishing licenses;
  • Passport denial;
  • Liens on property;
  • Freezing and/or seizing bank accounts;
  • JAIL

If you are a custodial party (the person who receives child support payments) and you are not receiving your child support payments, contact our office as soon as possible.

If you are a non-custodial party (the person who pays child support) and you are unable to make your payments as ordered, contact the OCSS immediately. We will work with you to help you find a way to meet your obligations.